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About Dr. Galford


Dr. Susie Galford is a licensed psychologist (HSPP), nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP), and licensed teacher (grades K-6) in Indiana.  Dr. Galford has specialized training in the evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, intellectual and executive functioning difficulties, developmental challenges, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and behavioral difficulties. Her clinical work is grounded in evidence-based research and employs a primarily cognitive-behavioral approach to assessment and therapy. In addition to diagnostic evaluations, Dr. Galford collaborates with families in developing and sustaining educational and treatment plans focused on supporting the academic, cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of children and teenagers. Plans may include individual therapy, as well as consultation with school teams and health professionals. 

Dr. Galford began working in the school setting as a classroom teacher in 2005 and then as a school psychologist in 2009. She has since also worked with youth, adolescents, and families in a multitude of mental health contexts, including residential programs (Damar: Indianapolis, Indiana), hospitals (Riley Child Development Center: Indianapolis, Indiana), community mental health centers (Outreach Community Center: Carol Stream, Illinois; Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago: Chicago, Illinois), universities (Social Skills Research Clinic at the Institute for Child Study: Bloomington, Indiana; Porter School Psychology Clinic: Terre Haute, Indiana) and multiple private practices.  Having received extensive training in her field of work, Dr. Galford values the opportunity to work with families through the assessment and therapeutic process.  


Dr. Galford strives to create a supportive, caring, and compassionate professional environment and experience.  She has seen the powerful effect that successful psychological evaluations and treatments can have on improving children’s and adolescent’s lives. She sincerely looks forward to working closely with you to create positive and sustainable changes for your child and family.


Ph.D. - 2014 - Indiana University 


M.S.Ed. - 2013 - Indiana University 


Ed.S. - 2009 - Indiana State University 

M.Ed. - 2007 - Indiana State University 

B.A. - 2005 - Purdue University 


Professional Licenses

Health Service Provider in Psychology (HSPP)


Licensed Psychologist- Indiana


National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) 


Licensed School Psychologist- Indiana 


Licensed Teacher (Kindergarten-sixth grade)- Indiana

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